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Can whole foods heal your relationships?


Are you ready to engage a whole health approach to your relationships? Eating whole foods is a whole health way of living, which can help you nourish your relationships (with nature, people, or yourself). Through whole foods, you can learn to trust your intuition, live from your authentic self, and communicate more easily and effectively.

Food is an important ingredient in the development of your relationships. Processed foods lack vital life essence as well as nutrients and create imbalanced body, mind, and emotions. However, energetically balanced foods, like organic whole grains and vegetables, help ground you so you can think clearly and articulate your feelings. Can you understand how these strong qualities nourish your relationships?

When you express yourself in an open and honest way from a place of authenticity, you feel good from the inside out. When you feel good, good things happen to you. As you model this healthy behavior, your partner feels more comfortable to express himself or herself as well.

When you eat high quality foods and develop your inner wisdom for true health and wholeness, your inner beauty naturally shines through. And there are valuable side-benefits: your relationships become deeper and more intimate.

Healthy Relationship Tip

When you feel disconnected, angry, or frustrated with your partner, follow this tip:

Step onto a table. Now see the situation from this new place. You may receive new inspiration just from physically changing your position.

Alternatively, if both of you are seated, switch places with your partner. Now you may start to see things from your partner’s position. This can help release blockages and allow healing to begin.

Author: Julie S. Ong

Julie S. Ong is the author of The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics (Adams Media, 2010), which helps men and women of all ages discover the healing and wellness powers of macrobiotics. To find out how to take your health to the next level, visit her site at In her spiritual blog, called The Art of Being Love, Julie channels Spirit and writes Spirit Insights, one minute readings that bring spiritual awareness to your daily life. Follow her at

2 thoughts on “Can whole foods heal your relationships?

  1. Glad to see an idea like this in print. Often, people don’t understand the relationship between their emotions and the quality of the food they eat. Although it takes awhile to absorb this idea, seeing is believing. I hope people listen to you and your sound ideas. They will be glad they did. Here’s another tip: If things are off kilter in your relationship, try eating more healthy.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thank you for your comment. I commend you for your deep understanding of the connection between food and emotions. That’s a great tip you suggested, too. It’s encouraging to hear that I am supporting people in healing their relationships through a whole health approach. Thanks for contributing!