Secrets from My Macrobiotic Kitchen with Julie S. Ong

Eat better. Live better. Love better.


“What is macrobiotics and why do I need it in my kitchen?”

Dear Macrobiotic Friend,

Simply put, macrobiotics means “large life.” And don’t we all want to live large? You see, macrobiotics is more than just a diet. It’s more than counting calories and watching your weight. It’s a way of life: A way of feeding your family, and of feeding your soul.

It’s a spiritual path that nourishes your connection with your source.

You’ve heard it all your life – you are what you eat. Fast food or pure food, we all have a choice. Don’t know where to start?  You just found it!

On this site, you’ll find

  • The full library of my macrobiotic cooking videos.
  • Articles with recipes and time-saving tips for healthy cooking.
  • Tips for building a loving relationship through eating healthy food.
  • How to have a more balanced lifestyle that’s in harmony with nature.

Just imagine …

  • No more wandering up and down the aisles of the grocery store, searching for those elusive, delicious, healthy foods.
  • No more eating unhealthy foods just because it’s quick and easy!
  • No more struggling through the process of trying to figure out what’s for dinner every single night, when you’re already short on time
  • No more spending way too much money on eating out (not to mention consuming all those fast food calories!)
  • No more feeling guilty for not providing yourself and your loved ones with the healthy meals you WANT to make for them, if you only could.
  • No more feeling constantly drained, from morning til night, every single day.
  • No more worrying that your relationship is deteriorating right before your eyes, because you’re too tired to really connect with your loved ones.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never learned to cook this way. Just watch and learn! Everyone in your house will think you’re a genius!

I give you all the ingredients you need – all but one: you! The final and most important ingredient is the love and care you put into preparing these nutritious meals.

My motto is: Eat better. Live better. Love better.

I invite you to watch my trailer for Secrets From My Macrobiotic Kitchen with Julie S. Ong below! Enjoy!

Julie S. Ong