Secrets from My Macrobiotic Kitchen with Julie S. Ong

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About Julie

Author of
The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics

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Julie S. Ong’s love for cooking began more than fifteen years ago, when she asked a friend to teach her how to cook.

But instead of a lesson on sautéing or baking, she learned why our food choices are essential to our well-being and it inspired her to create a healthier lifestyle for herself, while she learned the essentials of cooking.

As Julie studied at the Kushi Institute and worked on becoming a certified natural chef at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, she realized some of the ailments that had constantly plagued her throughout her life (severe acne, migraines, sinusitis) began to fade away with her new approach to food.

And she cooked for cancer survivors, combining her new macrobiotic cooking skills with coaching to increase their recovery and vitality.

Julie was soon tapped by Adams Media to write The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics book which appeared on bookshelves in 2010.

Today, Julie has created an online resource at that complements her book and provides coaching and training to people who want more vitality in their lives.

Find her cooking classes on her YouTube channel called mymacrokitchen.

Three things you may not know about Julie:

  • When she isn’t cooking, she watches reruns of The Haunting Of…with Kim Russo.
  • Her motto is “Eat better, live better, love better!”
  • She believes being of part Chinese descent has driven her curiosity for the balance (the yin and the yang) approach to holistic eating.

Julie’s Press Bio

About the Book

Discover the Secret Ingredients for Health & Wellness!

How much do you know—REALLY know—about the food you consume every day?

For millions of Americans, the answer is “not much”. In our fast-paced, multi-tasking world, many busy people grab their meals on the go, without thinking about what they’re putting into their bodies. Fast foods and processed meals may fill you up, but they contribute very little in terms of nutritional value. In fact, many of them can actually jeopardize your health.

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with food and achieve a higher level of wellness, a macrobiotic diet could be right for you. Based on the Far Eastern concept of cultivating health and longevity with organically grown foods, macrobiotics is more than just another trendy food plan—it’s a holistic lifestyle that strives to achieve a symmetrical balance between the body, mind, and spirit.

Your Essential Guide on the Path to Wellness

The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics includes everything you need to know to seamlessly integrate a macrobiotic diet into your everyday routine:

  • Essential nutritional principles of the macrobiotic diet
  • Information about how macrobiotics promotes environmental health and sustainability
  • Meal plans, recipes, and cooking techniques
  • Necessary cooking tools and accessories for easy food preparation
  • Exercises to complement your new dietary lifestyle
  • The host of physical, emotional, and mental benefits that can be achieved by following a more balanced and natural diet

Using the practice of macrobiotics to achieve healing, harmony, and overall well-being, The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics empowers you to achieve inner and outer healing through the natural essence of locally grown, seasonal food.

Check out the book review here.

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