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New Beginnings

A good traveler is one who does not know where he is going to, and a perfect traveler is one who does not know where he came from.
~Lin Yu-t’ang

One of the principles of macrobiotics is, “What has a beginning has an end.” Beginnings and endings are so intertwined and dependent on each other, neither one would exist without the other. Indeed, the word “beginning” itself implies there will be an end result, just as the word “end” implies there was a beginning.

Yin and Yang

Just as there is a beginning, so must there be an end, and it follows that there must be both yin and yang forces in everything. Complementary opposites of yin and yang at the extreme transform into each other: yin changes into yang and yang changes into yin. For example, a seed is the source of the mature tree. Yet, in looking at the seed, you can not see the mature tree inherent in it; the tree is waiting to be born.

One Infinity

The seed and mature tree, although separate in appearance, are one and the same energy force. Thus, there is one infinity, not only with complementary opposites that transform into each other, but also with beginnings and ends that change into their opposites in a never-ending cycle of life.

Author: Julie S. Ong

Julie S. Ong is the author of The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics (Adams Media, 2010), which helps men and women of all ages discover the healing and wellness powers of macrobiotics. To find out how to take your health to the next level, visit her site at In her spiritual blog, called The Art of Being Love, Julie channels Spirit and writes Spirit Insights, one minute readings that bring spiritual awareness to your daily life. Follow her at

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