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Transmitting Goodwill

I believe people are in this life to be messengers for the truth. Our purpose as spiritual messengers is to release blockages in energy pathways so that everyone can live in harmony with nature and create their dreams without fear of loss or suffering. The way we can do this is to use our ability to forgive and see the truth in others as the means to enlightenment. In reflecting their true nature beyond the physical appearance, others can move beyond their stories and fears to peace.

The peace that resides in everyone is what connects us as a whole. We can deliver this message of peace through forgiveness and love. We can show others that there is no need for guilt, shame, sadness, and suffering. Time exists only in the mind, so we are the creator of our experience in the eternal present. We must lift the veil, see beyond appearances, and let go of all that we have learned about who we think we are.

It is important to transmit the universal language of truth by making a connection at the level of thought. By transmitting thoughts of peace and goodwill to your friends and clients, you reflect their own inner beauty, and you can raise the frequency of their thoughts.

Recipe for Success: Transmitting Goodwill

This is a very powerful exercise to send thoughts of goodwill to someone with whom you are having resistance. Now just follow these instructions and prepare to feel a real change of heart.

  • Start with relaxation breathing. What this means is that on the inhale, breathe in slowly and deeply, receiving the breath from the universe.
  • As you exhale, transmit positive thoughts to a person with whom you are having resistance.
  • On the inhale, receive another breath from the universe.
  • On your exhale, send out thoughts of goodwill and peace to the person.

Now answer the following questions in your journal:

  1. What did you experience as you did this exercise?
  2. Did you notice any changes in your body?
  3. How did your breathing change?
  4. Did you notice a softening in your heart?
  5. How did your thoughts about yourself change?
  6. How did your thoughts about the other person change?

So, when you have limiting thoughts and judgments, practice sending out thoughts of goodwill and peace to the person you are judging. You will not only change the thought patterns for yourself, but your enemy will become your friend.