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Energy Awareness Game

This is a fun little game that will really get your macrobiotic juices flowing.

Watch this video to play the Energy Awareness Game.

Just follow these easy steps and don’t stray too far from your journal!

  • Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Rub your hands together until you feel heat coming from them.
  • Separate your hands and hold them two inches apart.
  • Rotate one hand, while keeping the other hand still.
  • Now switch hands and rotate the opposite hand, while keeping the second hand still.
  • Slowly widen your hands and then bring them closer together.
  • Finally, open your eyes and write about your experience.

Now this is where your journal will really come handy again, because, believe it or not, that little exercise will reveal a whole lot about you and your awareness.

  1. What did you feel after you rubbed your hands together?
  2. Did you notice any changes in temperature?
  3. What did you notice when you rotated your hands?
  4. What differences did you feel before and after the exercise?

Although your physical body appears to be a separate entity, your energetic body shows you that there is no distinct boundary where one layer ends and the other begins. The energy of your aura interacts with other auras, flowing in and out, affecting the wider energetic field. In this way, you are actually part of a universal energetic field that you can manipulate, creating a web of interconnected energies. So, what you do to others affects everyone in return; the good you do to the universe comes back to you.

By changing your thoughts and perspectives, you can create a world of peace. By living your joy, you vibrate on the highest frequency of love. By showing love and respect for yourself and others, you show the true way to see yourself and how to nurture your own spiritual growth.

Author: Julie S. Ong

Julie S. Ong is the author of The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics (Adams Media, 2010), which helps men and women of all ages discover the healing and wellness powers of macrobiotics. To find out how to take your health to the next level, visit her site at In her spiritual blog, called The Art of Being Love, Julie channels Spirit and writes Spirit Insights, one minute readings that bring spiritual awareness to your daily life. Follow her at

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