Secrets from My Macrobiotic Kitchen with Julie S. Ong

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Julie’s Press Bio

On November 1, 1994, I had a miraculous wake-up call when I decided to learn how to cook. As I considered myself healthy, this was truly about desiring to learn how to cook, rather than improving my health.

I contacted a friend, and asked if he’d teach me how to cook. To my surprise, our encounter was not, in my mind, about cooking at all. He rambled on about yin and yang, and gave me a philosophy about foods that amazed me. I kept saying, I want to know “how” to cook, and he smiled as he talked about the food and the integration into the balance of life.

As I listened, I realized that everything he said was piquing my interest even more. That night, I learned more than I had ever intended. I was inspired to learn about balancing my body with food. I did not have a “cooking lesson,” but rather a lesson in awareness and food consciousness. My desire to learn increased and, with every new morsel of information I gathered, I realized how much I didn’t really know.

With this newfound desire, I realized that my perception that I was pretty healthy was shattered. I realized that a new pathway had been opened and that I had to pursue life in a different way. Yin and yang became about my whole life, not just cooking.

I had suffered from severe acne, excruciating migraine headaches, sinusitis, and low self esteem ever since I could remember. As I pursued the yin and yang of life with increased consciousness, my health and self esteem took a dramatic change for the better.

I took this knowledge to greater heights as I studied at the Kushi Institute, completing all four levels of macrobiotic training. I became a natural chef at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary arts to cook for those healing from cancer. I did not just cook for these people; I also guided them as they changed their beliefs and life patterns to experience greater health and vitality.

I would say your body is the vessel of your soul. Macrobiotics honors your body and renews your spirit through an intimacy with nature and the cycle of life. Mother Earth nurtures you with a healthy diet of clean, nutritious foods. Fresh flowers and flavors feed your soul with profound beauty and taste. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise invigorates you—mind, body and spirit. Your body becomes a place of reflection and renewal. Macrobiotics explores ways in which the experience of the organic garden of life can translate into living a balanced and harmonious life.

Preparing food with a deep connection to the Earth allows your body and soul to open that much more. When you bring this truth and balance into the kitchen, which is the heart of the home, it ripples throughout all you do, feel and think. This passion is fully expressed through my work. When this fire of passion ignited inside of me, my work transformed into purpose and the ability to walk in truth.

I now teach others to free themselves from the inside out. I help them see that how they fuel their body and their existence with their beliefs affects the balance of what they feed their body and soul.

After nearly two decades of partnering with my body, I experience the richness of life with balance. I feel more confident and listen to my body’s wisdom to guide me to health. I gently coach others to achieve inner and outer balance and now know it’s my calling.

I offer YouTube cooking classes and a book to support others to a new way of life. I offer a combination of teachings which provides a “wholistic” approach to healing that integrates on many different levels. It motivates others and opens their consciousness as people take responsibility for their own health through natural foods, balanced living, and spiritual development, Healing occurs.

I am passionate about coaching my clients from the wholistic view of macrobiotics. I nurture the self-transformation of life development. I bring a soul-satisfying way of life so people can experience the playground of life. Food is the door to a healthier life, it keeps your body balanced so the heart can focus and the spirit can grow and transform.

I offer:

  • YouTube cooking classes
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Meditations
  • And most importantly,

A new way of life

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