Secrets from My Macrobiotic Kitchen with Julie S. Ong

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Your Fast Track to Transformation

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A macrobiotic consultation is your first step to ultimate health and well-being.

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In a customized one-on-one consultation, we will review your major health concerns, which you noted on the Health Questionnaire provided prior to the consultation. I will use the following to give me clues about your constitution and current condition:

  • Facial diagnosis
  • Current symptoms
  • Current diet & lifestyle
  • Personal medical history
  • Family medical history

Using ancient Asian methods, I will determine which organs need to be strengthened based on a non-invasive examination of your eyes, hands, feet, and tongue. I will also check for sensitivity at key acupressure points on hands, legs, and feet. These gentle techniques, which I have developed through years of study, experience, and self-reflection lead me to a causative diagnosis.

We will also discuss your lifestyle choices.

According to macrobiotic philosophy, our physical ailments are a reflection of misalignment with the primary energies of the Universe, which lead to an unbalanced state that affects all levels of our beingness. At this point, I will give you feedback on how you can manifest positive changes through certain dietary and lifestyle adjustments that will bring you back to center and aligned once again with the order of the Universe. 

This consultation will provide a rich opportunity to reevaluate your life, refocus your vision, and recreate your health and well-being. I will include a Health Assessment, outlining detailed dietary recommendations based on your condition in an easy to follow format, including specific home remedies. You will also receive my book, The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics, containing tips, recipes, and ideas for shopping, further reading, and menu planning.

Following macrobiotic principles will reward you with more energy, sexual vitality, and loving relationships – there is no shortcut in a bottle that could ever replicate such results!


For additional macrobiotic education and support, I encourage you to attend regular follow up consultations. Whatever level of health you hope to achieve depends on your desire and motivation to undertake these changes and manifest your dreams. However, having invested in a consultation, I consider this to be the beginning of a relationship where we all work together as a team to bring about profound balance, clarity, and harmony. Based on your needs and your determination, I will remain available.

2 hour Complete Macrobiotic Consultation   $300

  • 1-hour Health Questionnaire meeting by Skype/telephone
  • 1-hour Health Assessment meeting by Skype/telephone
  • One 30-minute follow up
  • A copy of my book, The Everything® Guide to Macrobiotics

1 hour Spiritual Life Coaching Session    $150

  • One 1-hour spiritual life coaching session by Skype/telephone
  • A copy of my macrobiotic playbook Create Your Great Life

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